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Post Show Talks

Here at Ronin, we pride ourselves on creating modern, challenging and thought provoking theatre. To compliment what we are trying to achieve we try to get post show speakers to discuss the themes within our shows.

Consent by Nina Raine (post show talk 2nd April 2020)

For the upcoming production of Consent by Nina Raine there will be a post-show discussion Thursday 2nd April at St Aldates tavern (OX1 1BU) with:

  • Jonathan Herring, Professor of Law at Exeter College, University of Oxford (also Principal Investigator for this project)

  • Léa Maquin, Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) for University of Oxford and the Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre 

  • Shan Saunders, Senior Crown Prosecutor in the Complex Casework Unit at Thames and Chiltern CPS


  • Moderated by Alison Stibbe, actor in Consent, and Communications & Engagement Manager at Parks College, University of Oxford

The post-show discussion is supported by TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities). It is part of a small-scale research project to explore what audience members gain from participating in a post-show talk with academics and experts. We aim to explore how such events might influence the way audiences engage with challenging themes, opinions and questions raised in a performance, and if they promote informed discussion or further interest in research. (All audience members will be invited to complete a short questionnaire about the themes raised in the performance and if/how the discussion afterwards influenced the way they thought about those issues.)


Previous post show talks


While performing The Effect by Lucy Prebble, we were lucky to have experts in the field of psychology and medical research:

  • Professor Willem Kuyken, Professor of Mindfulness and Psychological Science and Director of Oxford Mindfulness Centre

  • Marni Moran, Lead Research Nurse, NIHR (National Institute for Health Research)

Professor Kuyken said “It’s exciting to see a new theatre company take on such a challenging subject as depression, and all the questions associated with its treatment and its effects. It can be a powerful way to engage people in thinking about the science and practice of different therapies.”

Marni Moran (@marni_moran95 Twitter), Lead Research Nurse, says “Having spent much of my nursing career working in clinical mental health, I think it’s vitally important to raise the profile of this increasingly prevalent issue and the impacts around it. I’m looking forward to talking with audience members about it after the show.”

During Rules For Living, Ronin was proud to welcome experts in the field of psychology and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) research:

  • Dr Sarah Rakovshik, Head of the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre and Consultant CBT therapist

  • Dr Helen Kennerley, consultant clinical psychologist, accredited CBT therapist, founding member of OCTC, author of Overcoming Anxiety

Dr Helen Kennerley said “These Rules for Living might make life seem bearable. Sometimes these rules work at least for a while– but they often have diminishing returns. They can become more complicated and untenable over time. CBT helps people understand how Rules for Living can backfire.”

With mental health as an issue increasingly in the public eye, and debates about how best to treat it, Rules For Living is sure to spark interest and debate with its audiences.

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