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Reviews for Rules For Foxfinder

 "...a haunting and thoughtful play, performed with beautiful intensity, and more resonant than ever in the age of fake news and Qanon.""Director Alistair Nunn conducts the emotional beats with symphonic precision." "Then there are hair-raising interrogations, and when characters finally explode with emotion, their anguish grips you by the throat."" Ronin Productions - a local theatre company with a focus on mental health and modern plays - more than delivers on this front, giving us four nimble and deeply felt characterizations."

- Sophia Holme, Daily Info

Reviews for Rules For Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons

"Lemons is an inspiring reminder of the power of our words and voices and after living in what has felt like a state of perma-crisis over the last couple of years, it seemed right to explore love, honesty, free speech, and the vital importance of our language and voices. Having performed their last play The Effect at Modern Art Oxford with incredible feedback and reviews, Ronin, an Oxford-based theatre company specialising in modern and contemporary plays, were back like a shot."

- Ox in a box

Reviews for Rules For Living

"Ronin’s return brings an entertaining evening complete with crass and cruel characters."

- Sam Bennett, OxMag

"One of the most affecting and moving theatre experiences I have had in along time. A brilliant script wonderfully acted in a clean and simple set with its highlighted rules. Hilariously funny moments building up to gut punching and harrowing glimpses into the fragility of happiness and the human heart. Great performances all round with a special call out to Sheena's gradual inebriation during the course of the action."

- Audience member

"An excellent play, brilliantly directed and performed. Highly professional in every respect. Huge congratulations to everyone involved."

- Audience member

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Reviews for The Effect
The Effect.png

"There are plenty of twists and turns that left me in a state of continuous suspense and surprise throughout. These, combined with the deft application of tragedy and comedy ensured that the narrative was one of the strongest elements of this production."


"While I was familiar with the impressive abilities of Alison Stibbe and Matt Blurton from Ronin Theatre’s previous production, Collaborators, Ashley Hunt and Jess Reilly were equally impressive. This was particularly essential, since the minimalist stage design ensured that much of the responsibility for conveying a convincing environment lay with the actors, and how they interacted with each other and the limited props at their disposal. Ultimately, each performance was captivating."


"The Effect is an excellent piece of theatre. Part love story, part existentialist musing on the relationship between body and consciousness, with enough comedic elements thrown in to balance the bleaker moments. I thoroughly recommend you buy a ticket if you can." 

- Alex Chapman, Daily Info

Reviews for Collaborators

"For all its hilarity and vivacity, Collaborators also had moments of profundity, with the timeless words of Bulgakov’s The Master and Margharita, his last (dissenting) novel, “manuscripts do not burn”, serving as a message to all those believing their individuality is insignificant in the face of the collective. 4/5 stars" - Josh Taylor, Cherwell Stage

"Matt Blurton's Stalin is far more likeable than he has any right to be""Angus Fraser is excellent as the increasingly unstable Bulgakov""In true Stalinist fashion, this is a theatre company whose activities are worth keeping an eye on."

- Oxfordshire Music scene, Culture Review

"Intriguing absurd...dark intense evening...plenty of laugh out loud moments 4/5"

- Naomi Lanighan, Oxford Mail

"At once very amusing and extremely disturbing""a deliciously black comedy that examines one of the darkest periods of modern history through a lens of magical realism.""Collaborators is at once very amusing and extremely disturbing. I’d recommend watching it if you can"

- Alex Chapman, Daily Info

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Reviews for Landscape with Weapon

"New Oxford theatre company onto a winner"" encapsulates the human element and cost of these complex themes, and is well worth catching. 4/5"

- Naomi Lanighan, Oxford Mail

"Bite the bullet and see this well executed production!""Ronin Theatre Production’s remit is simple: they will only put on shows written in the last 30 years. This means that their productions are always contemporary, relevant parables for today’s pressing issues. Landscape with Weapon is no exception. It’s a modern military morality tale. Without a twist. Ethics doesn’t do twists."

- Denise Power, Daily Info

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