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England is in crisis. Fields are flooded, food is scarce and fear grips the land.

William Bloor, a foxfinder, arrives at Judith and Samuel Covey’s farm to investigate a suspected fox infestation. The Coveys’ harvest has failed to meet their target and the government wants to know why. Trained from childhood, William is fixated on his mission to unearth the animals that must be to blame for the Coveys’ woes. But as the hunt progresses, William finds more questions than answers…

A darkly comic, spell-binding dystopian drama, Dawn King’s Foxfinder won the 2011 Papatango New Writing Prize and premiered at the Finborough Theatre, London.

Starring Ashley Hunt, Layla Katib, Niall McDaid and Lizzy Payn.

Directed by Alistair Nunn.

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